Payne-Pulliam Holds 23rd Annual Awards Ceremony at Roostertail

IMG_7703Detroit, MI- Payne-Pulliam School of Trade has been around for over forty years, helping young adults and children strengthen their education. Their Detroit location has just gone through a new renovation for their second floor classrooms so that families can come in and receive help with their education as well. Now it is time to celebrate the people and companies that have helped Payne-Pulliam get to where they are now. The Payne-Pulliam held their 23rd Annual Award Ceremony at the Roostertail Ballroom in downtown Detroit. Many companies were on hand including: Quicken Loan, Metro Cars, Enjoy Detroit, GM, DTE Energy, Comerica Bank, and Bank of America.
The recipients of the awards given out last night were given to those who have had a positive influence in their community and making a difference for others. People that are willing to put more than just 100 percent into something and keep their promises to others is what Payne-Pulliam recognizes and they make sure that does not go unnoticed. There was a special guest there at last night’s event where he recalled that being at a ceremony like Payne-Pulliam’s was an amazing honor. Mr. David Woods is the owner and founder of his own clothing company called “SBOY”. Successful Brothers of Youth strives with their trademark slogan of “Enjoy Detroit”, the message in that is to tell people around the state of Michigan that Detroit is a beautiful place to be and that all is well. When asked about how he got the company started, Mr. Woods mentioned his father as his influence. “My father owned a barbershop, clothing store, and a hardware store, so that’s where I got my motivation from”, Woods stated.
IMG_7715While there wasn’t a main honoree for this event, it was nice to see that many people were honored and that Payne-Pulliam is going 40 years strong in their development for higher education for people in need of it. Once the renovations are complete at their Detroit location, they will be able to help people obtain their GED. That should be starting up sometime in 2015.

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