A new digital-only publication from the Michigan Chronicle dedicated to those who are redesigning, developing, and revitalizing Detroit. catalyst provides important perspectives on various aspects of development opportunities in the ā€œDā€ and cover hot-button issues such as workforce development, legislative policy and more.

Published monthly, catalyst is geared towards ensuring an inclusive ‘new Detroit’ economy and will effectively deliver insights to help anyone looking to do business in the Southeast Michigan region connect with the resources that enable them to grow their business, build capacity, and solve the challenges that impact the way they operate. While the new publication will span the efforts of the entire industry, it places a special focus on minorities who are trailblazing a new economy. Each issue will be a wealth of information about the individuals, issues and projects that are making waves in the region while giving readers a unique glimpse into the lives of some of the major players.

Read the latest issues:

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