Welcome to “Applause!”: A Salute to 25 Standout Black Non-Profit Leaders in Southeastern Michigan.

In this inaugural edition of “Applause”, the Michigan Chronicle proudly showcases the 2024 line-up of inspiring individuals who have dedicated themselves to enhancing our community through their exceptional leadership and service.

Each page you turn in this e-edition of Applause! reveals the rich, motivational stories of 25 remarkable leaders who have made a profound impact across Metro Detroit. As you explore the pages of this e-book, let their stories fill you with inspiration and serve as a guide to the impact one can make with a heart for service and a mission of advocacy. A printed copy of the publication is also available in the February 28, 2024 edition of the Michigan Chronicle.

Join the Michigan Chronicle in celebrating this inaugural line-up of Standout Black Non-Profit Leaders. They offer us glowing examples of leadership and remind us that our collective efforts in service to one another truly make the difference.

Turn the pages and begin a journey of recognition and appreciation.



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