Nene's Secret 'Mixed Race Miracle


Married for over a decade, Brian K. and Nene Marks are a symbol of the 1 in 9 mixed-race marriages in the USA today. Brooklyn-born Brian and Nene, a native of Liberia, Africa, met at an industry function many years ago. Brian, who has spent 30 years creating ethnic hair care brands such as African Pride and Dr. Miracle’s, worked with Nene to create her own hair care line, Nene’s Secret. Nene came to the USA at age 17 speaking very little English, and developed a successful acting and modeling career. The couple, who have worked on the Nene’s Secret brand over the last 2 years, also have 4 children.

“We’ve been blessed to have never experienced direct racism in relation to our relationship and marriage. Though our marriage surprised both sets of our parents, for sure, their eventual love and support was deeply appreciated,” Nene said. “To my knowledge, we’re the first mixed-race couple to market an ethnic hair care product. With Brian’s background, my experience as a model, and knowledge of the natural ingredients from my rich homeland in Africa, creating a great product that all consumers can enjoy is what Nene’s Secret is all about.” With their successful marriage and great working relationship, they hope to be an inspiration.

“Negativity and chaos have always been a part of the world,” says Nene, “but there are millions of happy mixed-race couples and marriages, and we all need to highlight and celebrate them.”

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