Detroit Rapper Sameerah Marrel Wanted For $5M IRS Theft

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A Detroit-based rapper is in hot water for stealing over $5 million from the United States IRS, and is one of two local rappers charged with this costly crime, FOX 2 Detroit reported.

Marrel and her accomplice Noelle Brown make up the rap group Deuces Wild.

Marrel is thought to be on the run after neglecting to go before a judge for numerous court proceedings for the case, according to the article, which adds that she has not been connected with the court since July 25.

Marrel and Brown were both charged last July with aggravated identity theft, false claims, and conspiracy, according to the article. Per a 2021 IRS complaint, the women were involved in a high-profile tax scheme where they claimed withholdings and refunds of over $13.6 million from 2013 to 2017, the article added.

Both women face up to 10 years in federal prison, if convicted, according to the article.

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