Reflections: Financial disasters

Hearing that a celebrity has filed for bankruptcy is never as disturbing as learning that it has come to that for someone outside of that realm — or to a whole city. Ginuwine (real name: Elgin Lumpkin) is a star and in the late 1990s and early 2000s had a lengthy string of hits, including two No. 1’s. Now comes word that he is “on the verge of bankruptcy,” owing, for example, $300,000 in back taxes.
If he does file, he will join a long list of entertainers who have gone that route at one time or another, including Toni Braxton, M.C. Hammer, Billy Joel, Mike Tyson, T. Boz (Tionne Watkins) of TLC, Cyndi Lauper, Sinbad, Natalie Cole, Sly Stone, Burt Reynolds, Dionne Warwick and Sinbad. Some have filed more than once!
I believe it is usually due to sloppy money management and living a “star life” with all of its excesses. And then too, I think certain ones have not been completely honest about the state of their finances.
THE TEMPTATIONS are noted for having had a lot of personnel changes over the years, but they’ve got nothing on the Drifters. At least 60 men sang with the group during their hitmaking years — 1953 to 1967 — although they had additional hits in the 1970s in overseas markets.
Despite the regular shifts in the lineup, the hits, many of them classics, continued unabated. The primary lead singers were Clyde McPhatter, Ben E. King, Rudy Lewis and Johnny Moore.
Their impressive catalogue includes “On Broadway,” “There Goes My Baby,” “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “Up on the Roof,” “Money Honey,” “This Magic Moment,” “Under the Boardwalk” and many more.
Unfortunately, today there are many phony Drifters groups performing, with no connection to any of the original members or even latter-day members.
EMINEM shocked all in attendance at the Wall Street Journal Innovator of the Year Awards that took place Nov. 5 in New York. He was a presenter and was very thin and looked older than his 42 years. We hope he is well. Perhaps he has been exercising a lot, changed his diet and therefore just lost weight.
This sounds weird: A new single by Usher, “Clueless,” from his forthcoming “UR” album, is being made available for downloading in select boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios sold at Walmart stores!
That’s as strange as Smokey Robinson’s album before the current one being sold only in Cracker Barrell restaurants and the Cracker Barrell website! Stevie Wonder just launched a tour, but when is he going to make another album? It’s been nine years!
EL DEBARGE has indicated that he in the early stages of setting the stage for the release of another album. That’s good news, but his fans are, for the most part, bound to be no more than cautiously optimistic. After falling prey to drugs, DeBarge made a well-publicized and successful comeback in 2010 with

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