Pronghorn Launches “Distilled” Docuseries to Spotlight Black-Owned Spirits Brands

Pronghorn, a company dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Black founders, executive leaders, and entrepreneurs in the spirits industry, has announced a series of Juneteenth initiatives. The centerpiece of these initiatives is the launch of “Distilled,” an episodic docuseries that chronicles the journeys of Black-owned spirits brands and their quest for success in a challenging industry. Created and produced by Pronghorn in collaboration with actor, director, and “Distilled” executive producer Jesse Williams, and series producer Travis McMichael III, the series will debut at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) on Friday, June 14, and will premiere nationally on AMC+ in August during Black Business Month.

“Distilled” offers an in-depth look at the passion, innovation, and resilience of Black entrepreneurs as they bring their brands to market. The series delves into the trials and triumphs of these entrepreneurs, providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the elements that contribute to the unique flavors of their spirits. The ABFF screening will feature the story of Delta Dirt Distillery, a family-owned craft distillery rooted in the fertile soil of the Arkansas Delta, highlighting the drive and dedication of its founders.

Jesse Williams, executive producer of “Distilled,” emphasized the importance of the series, saying, “This series not only highlights the ingenuity and industriousness of Black entrepreneurs in the spirits industry, but it invites us all to explore the realities of their pursuit of the American dream we claim to value. My hope is that these stories create an immediate connection to the human beings—the founders and brands featured—and that all of you are incentivized to rally not only widespread consumer support but inclusion when discussing homegrown bootstrap entrepreneurship.”

Erin J. Hall, co-founder of Pronghorn, expressed pride in presenting the premiere screening of “Distilled.” She stated, “This debut and partnership with Jesse and ABFF is another proof point of Pronghorn’s ongoing commitment to creating opportunities for Black entrepreneurs and elevating their stories in the spirits industry.”

As an official spirits partner of ABFF, Pronghorn will offer festival attendees the chance to experience their current portfolio of Black-owned spirits brands from its #AllBlackBar, alongside the premiere of the docuseries’ first episode. The event will also feature a panel discussion with Pronghorn co-founders and “Distilled” producers Erin J. Hall and Travis McMichael, and CEO of Delta Dirt Distillery, Harvey Williams.

Jeff Friday, founder of ABFF, praised the collaboration, stating, “For 28 years, ABFF has been a vital platform for Black artists, writers, and directors, offering them the opportunity to tell powerful and often unseen stories within our community. The work Pronghorn is doing in ‘Distilled’ to humanize the Black founder experience and expose festival attendees to the world of entrepreneurship in spirits is such a fitting integration into our legacy of empowering diverse voices and reshaping the narrative of representation in film and television.”

In celebration of Juneteenth, Pronghorn has planned a month of key cultural initiatives to promote diversity and Black founder stories within the spirits industry. The company has also partnered with AMC Theaters to host private screenings the week of Juneteenth, featuring series producers and talent in Atlanta, Houston, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. Additionally, the June cover issue of Black Enterprise will feature Pronghorn founders Dia Simms, Dan Sanborn, and Erin J. Hall, along with over 30 Black-owned spirits founders who are breaking barriers and transforming the spirits industry in select markets.

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