George Zimmerman Trial Date Set

george zimmerman trialNewly appointed Judge Debra Nelson has set the date for George Zimmerman‘s second-degree murder trial, according to USA Today[1].

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On Wednesday, Judge Nelson decided with defense attorney Mark O’Mara and pressed prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda that June 10th would be the date that Zimmerman’s trial would begin, with O’Mara reportedly responding afterward:

“June makes sense because it gives us a target date,” O’Mara said shortly after the hearing. “I have no idea between now and then if we’ll be ready. We’re going to try to be ready.”

Attorneys for Zimmerman and the slain Trayvon Martin will reportedly meet on Friday “to discuss discovery issues, subpoenas for Trayvon’s school records, and motions by the news media to keep the facts of the case public,” according to published reports.

Earlier this year, Zimmerman, a self-described neighborhood volunteer, shot and killed teen Martin on his way back from a convenience store. The murder spurred an outcry across the nation, with many in the African-American community calling for Zimmerman’s arrest.

In the months since, Zimmerman news has often dominated the headlines as both the public and media attempt to ascertain why the death of Martin occurred. With the trial beginning next summer, one can be sure that the Zimmerman trial will become frontpage news once again as the Martin family look for justice in their beloved’s untimely death.

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