Gain Control with Sinai-Grace Hospital's Free Diabetes Seminar

Diabetes is a chronic disease with no cure. There are six million Americans, both adults and children, who have diabetes and don’t even know. Their symptoms are so common that they are easily explained away. Increased hunger, weight loss and frequent urination are symptoms that healthy people experience on a daily basis. However, these are also early symptoms of diabetes.

Fortunately, acquiring the skills to control diabetes is easy. By learning to balance your food, activity and medication, you can take control of your diabetes. You’ll not only feel better, but can also become one of the many people who avoid long-term problems associated with diabetes.

Controlling your diabetes will enable you to have more energy, fewer skin or bladder infections, and have fewer problems with your eyesight, feet and gums.

Learn how to take charge of your health on Nov. 21, at a free Sinai-Grace Hospital People’s Medical College seminar titled “Diabetes: Taste the Sweet Life (No Sugar Added).” Sinai-Grace diabetes educators will teach you the skills to control your diabetes and improve your health.

Registration and a free continental breakfast begin at 9:30 a.m. Seating is limited. Register early by calling (888) DMC-2500.

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