Filmmakers Seek Help for Baker's Keyboard Lounge Documentary


Detroit’s legendary Baker’s Keyboard Lounge is the subject of a documentary film currently being developed by Sherman Oaks Creative, a California-based production company.

They are searching for old photos and archival film footage taken at the club, especially of the musicians who often played there. This could also  include images of patrons photographed in Baker’s, which has just celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Associate producer Larry Pryce (who is based in the Detroit area), wishes to review materials for possible inclusion in the documentary, such as  historic advertising, original newspaper photography, drink menus, and other  memorabilia.

“In telling the Baker’s Keyboard Lounge story properly, we want to represent the artists who made music at Baker’s,” said Price. “Also, it’s important we tell those human interest stories associated with the club’s loyal patrons and staffers who helped make listening to great jazz  in that historic setting such a special experience.  We hope people will approach us with some very good Baker’s lore.”

Anyone willing to supply historic Baker’s materials or share their memories of the “world’s oldest jazz club” are encouraged to contact Larry Pryce at or call (989) 832-0001 or (989) 430-8804.  All mail submissions should be sent to 615 Shorefront Circle, Midland, MI 48640.

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