Yung Joc tries to explain away horrible hairdo


Former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star and rapper Yung Joc recently opened up about his new coif and fired off a couple of shots at his detractors

Joc came under intense scrutiny for flossing permed hairdo. The blowback became so intense that Joc posted a black and white video on his Instagram page answered back the many funny memes and tweets mocking his tresses. He seemed particularly agitated that fans were so quick to stomp on his without seeing if there was a justification for the hair alterations:

“See, it’s cool to be a follower, I guess,” the rapper said. “All y’all wanna look alike. But what if I just chose to do something different because I knew yo mother—— a– was gonna talk about it? I won.”

Joc reiterated that he has a new movie role that he’s preparing for, but he did not go into detail about the movie, his role or how big the production is.

“BIG Screen flow….. I know yall gonna hit me with all the Shade in the Room and thats totally fine because i know how Blessed i am…….. Never been scared to be the Center of attention without trying…….#whatwouldjocdo #WWJD,” Joc captioned the video.

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