Young Detroiter launches formal clothing boutique for boys

ChurchBoy_02When you think of young boys dressing in little suits and formal attire it’s either Easter or the 1970’s.

Wearing casual button ups with denim or cargo pants for boys has become the norm for almost every occasion, including church. For 9-year-old Brandon D. Hill, being dressed in a suit is his norm.

Since he was a young boy Hill would dress in his Sunday’s best, standing out from other kids his age. As a result of his sartorial choices he has developed a keen sense of fashion for formal attire. By the age four Brandon was asking for bow ties, which were challenging to find for his age, and by the age of seven he was asking if he could provide a destination for young boys to shop for formal wear.

Read the interview with the young entrepreneur:

What inspired you to open your own store?

I would see people come to church in casual clothing and I always wear dress clothes. So I asked my grandma why did they wear those type of clothes and I wear dress clothes and she said some people cant afford it so I wanted to start this business with dress clothes for less and for those who just don’t like dressy clothes I wanted to have some casual attire as well.

How did it go from idea to opening?

My my grandma, parents, uncles and entire church helped me.  We had to get a clothing license, stock, find a place, and I did a photo shoot.

How did you get your family involved to help you with your business?

First I told my grandma at four years old and then I told my mom. They thought I was only playing but I continued to ask every year and when I was 7 they got me a business license. I was looking for a place to open it and finally the owner of Vees Boutique was kind enough to open her doors to allow me to get a spot inside of her boutique.

How do you balance school and business?

First I have to see what day I have an activity and I know what to do. I play football, piano, sing and I’m a worship leader at church.  I do my homework between 4:00-4:30 and I practice the piano at night. I get all A’s and B’s and I’ve been on the honor roll since kindergarten (Now in the 5th grade). I’ll work my store on Friday evenings and Saturday Afternoons. My grandmother and Ms. Vee will operate it the rest of the days.

What type of clothes will you provide?

M store will have consignment and new dress clothes, shoes, socks, belts, shirts button ups, denim, cufflinks, men bracelets, and rings for young boys.

What’s next for Brandon?

Church Boy Clothing is just the beginning. I want to put my profits towards my college fund for Howard or Princeton and I want to be an obstetrician or a lawyer.

Church Boy Clothing will open its doors on November 7, 2015 at  8900 E. Jefferson Detroit, MI 48214 (off of Marina drive).

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