These Hilarious Fake Black History Tweets Are Guaranteed To Make You LOL

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It’s Black History Month — a time for the Nation to acknowledge the gifts and contributions that Black Americans have given this country. They say laughter is healing medicine, and for Black folks, it’s one of the most easily accessible forms of therapy.

African American culture is known for turning hundreds of years of pain into pure comedy, and Black History Month is no different. The social media trend of Fake Black History Moments has returned for yet another year of hilarity. Like Papoose becoming the first BLack man to get a shape up with his fitted on.

Or Smokey from the 1995 film, Friday, becoming the first Black man to ever get catfished.

In honor of Black History Month, check out these hilarious, fake tweets guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

QUINTESSA HIGGINS: The first Black person to dismiss someone using the phrase “Girl, Bye”

GLORINDA SLIMFEATHER: First person to refer to her hairline as her “edges.”

RAYNALDO ALBERTSON: First person to refer to his girl as ‘wifey’.

DONTE “THE COBRA” JACKSON: The first Black man to earn a black belt on a Friday, only to get beat Saturday at the nightclub.

GUSSIE MAE JOHNSON: The first Black woman to have her “mouth all ready” for some food that was no longer available.

ANTERRIUS WIIG: The first person to literally break someone’s ankles on the basketball court

Claude Malvoux: The first Black man to extend his lunch break 30 minutes after it was over.

Lemont Jones: The first Black man to borrow $10 until Friday.

Anjanette Jenkins: First woman to claim, she ain’t the one.



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