The return of ‘Empire’: Highly anticipated second season

fox-empireScanning all the “Empire” posts and articles these days, it’s all about the season 2 previews, the buzz, the gossip. Fans can’t wait, and neither can the advertisers. The blockbuster money train is pulling back into the station at Fox, and all is well.
But for a moment there, it looked like the train was about to jump the track.
Some may remember (what am I saying? Of course fans remember), back in March there was this article that appeared in Newsbuzz Daily stating that the super duper smash hit TV series “Empire” had been cancelled for a second season.
Chicken Little once again had a job as the sky began to crumble and fall all around him as he raced to and fro, proclaiming that the end was indeed near and that life would no longer be worth living.
“Inform the loved ones, do what you gotta do, then go find that cliff and jump as you wave goodbye to a world so cruel that it would ever allow such an unconscionable thing to happen,” he said.
Well, not really. But here’s the Newsbuzz story that got Chicken Little all worked up:
“After record-breaking views of Fox’s newest show, ‘Empire’ has been cancelled. Initially, on Jan. 17, the show was renewed for a second season but now Fox has rescinded ‘Empire’s’ opportunity for a second season. Produced by Lee Daniels and starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, the show was a success and many viewers tuned in weekly for the musical drama. It is said that the show is loosely based on hip-hop mogul Jay Z’s life.
“Fox’s public relations representative, Charles McRae, has stated that the reason for the cancellation is due to contractual negotiations. According to Fox, pay towards Lee Daniels and Danny Strong’s production camp were the main determining factors in the cancellation. It is said that two parties could not reach an acceptable agreement and when things heated up behind the curtains, Fox abruptly pulled the plug on the show.
“Lee Daniels is currently meeting with several networks to find a new home for the hit series. He, along with co-creator Danny Strong, will be meeting with HBO, Showtime, Viacom and ABC in the next few days.”
Amazing Jay from Detroit was really worried. On April 20, he tweeted, “They cancelled the second season of ‘Empire’! #ImSerious!!”
Anyway, it was a lie. Obviously, by now. Empires don’t fall, y’all. Especially not when they generate ratings like this one, because big ratings equal big money, and the number one rule in Hollywood is follow the money. Obey the money. Worship the money. But never, ever, under any circumstances is the money to be shut off. No matter where it came from. Ratings and money.
Remember that. There is no such thing as a broke Empire. That’s what they would call an oxymoron.
Anyway, Chicken Little got fired (again), as Snopes, a considerably more reputable site known for checking out rumors and reporting on their veracity (or lack thereof), reported the following on April 21:
“In March 2015, the entertainment website News Buzz Daily published an article reporting that Fox had cancelled a second season of the hit show ‘Empire’
“The article initially was largely unnoticed until the rumor was picked up by several more legitimate entertainment outlets. The website Bossip, published an article referencing the News Buzz Daily story.
“Although some media publications may be speculating about the future of ‘Empire,’ these rumors originated with a fake news website. A disclaimer at the bottom of News Buzz Daily’s pages states that all articles are for “for entertainment and satirical purposes only.”
The official “Empire” Twitter account also rushed to calm the fears of nerve-wracked fans such as Jayme Hoffman, who tweeted on April 18, “Is season 2 really cancelled? Is there any way to petition or raise money for it? ‘Empire’ is the best show I’ve ever seen!”
To which “Empire” (@EmpireFOX) tweeted back in consoling tones on that same day, “We ain’t cancelled! We’ll see you soon, boo!”
I gotta say, it’s the ‘boo’ that touches the heart with that extra special personal touch, don’t you think?
The second season of “Empire” will premiere on Fox on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 9 pm.

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