Revival of Michigan Central Station Sparks Economic Boom and Business Growth in Detroit

Courtesy of Michigan Central Station

The grand reopening of the Michigan Central Station, a historic landmark that has stood as a testament to Detroit’s resilience and progress, heralds a new era of economic rejuvenation and urban development. This revival is not just about the future but also about honoring the city’s past, and it is poised to deliver many advantages, such as heightened tourism, employment opportunities, and enhanced accessibility for both local residents and businesses.

The Station is more than a building; it is a platform for the broader Detroit community to unite, work together, and experiment with ideas. For example, Newlab at Michigan Central Building, just a few steps from the station, is one of the pillars unifying the community through new technology and discovering ways to solve mobility challenges.

Joshua Sirefman, the CEO of Michigan Central, emphasizes that the platform is welcoming and inclusive and encourages active participation and contributions from all individuals.

“What we are starting to do now in what’s known as Newlab at Michigan Central is focus on early-stage startup companies within the broader ecosystem that we’re developing. It’s a building we launched a year ago, in April 2023. Since then, the growth has been extraordinary. We have almost 100 companies in here, of which, at this point, about 40% are coming from around the country and some places around the world. 60% are founders from out of Detroit or the Michigan area, and over half of the companies here are led by women and/or people of color founders,” Sirefman said.


Courtesy of Michigan Central Station

The restoration and subsequent operations of the Station are expected to create numerous jobs. These jobs, including management, retail, and maintenance positions, were created during construction and will be active in the long-term phases ahead. The reopening will attract new investments into the area, including Core City, Corktown, and Southwest Detroit neighborhoods. Due to the expected increase in foot traffic and improved infrastructure, businesses will be more inclined to build and stay.

Michigan Central is also impacting the local community by investing in small businesses. They have committed over $500,000 to partner agencies actively fostering the growth and development of small businesses within the Detroit area. This commitment includes support for educational training programs, business development mentorship, and financial assistance through partnerships with Build Institute, ProsperUs, Invest Detroit, and Design Core Detroit, all aimed at empowering small businesses to thrive and succeed.

Michigan Central offers certified training programs to address workforce challenges in Detroit. These programs aim to equip residents and small businesses with the skills to secure in-demand jobs. Additionally, Michigan Central plans to gradually introduce innovative and immersive retail and dining experiences at the Station in the upcoming months. The specific businesses that will occupy the space at Michigan Central have not been announced yet.

Melissa Dittmer, Head of Place, discussed the thorough process for hiring consultants and selecting designers, architects, and contractors for the station’s upcoming phase of material architecture.

“We went through an extensive process of selecting 10 of the best women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and small businesses. So there’ll be a lot more to come with that, but it’s important for us to think through the design of the spaces as well as the curation of the tenants of the spaces,” Dittmer said.


Michigan Central OPEN

From June 6-16, Ford Motor Company and Michigan Central will host Michigan Central OPEN, welcoming the community to celebrate this historic moment in Detroit’s history. Festivities begin Thursday, June 6 with an opening night spectacular, Live from Detroit: The Concert at Michigan Central which will feature a once-in-a-lifetime lineup of some of Detroit’s biggest stars. Produced by the Emmy-winning Jesse Collins Entertainment, the sold-out show will feature short films, appearances by local leaders, and creators telling stories of innovation and culture from around the city and the region. Then, beginning June 7, The Station’s doors open to the public for the 10-day, immersive OPEN House experience to see the landmark’s restored first floor. Michigan Central’s art program will also unveil a new iteration of Reddymade’s me + you, a critically acclaimed interactive sculpture, specifically for Michigan Central. To learn more visit,



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