Ray J quits ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ suddenly; find out why

Ray J, one of the breakout stars of the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, has abruptly quit the show, the media has learned.
The younger brother of singer Brandy, who came to fame via a sex tape with Kim Kardashian that launched his successful reality show career beginning with “For the Love of Ray J,” is not feeling the vibe of the Hollywood version of LAHH and walked off the show without warning.
Ray J is allegedly feeling “the negativity and conflict which defines the show has screwed up his relationship with Princess Love,” TMZ reports.
Ray J is trying to save his relationship with girlfriend, which has been strained since her February arrest, and he believes the negative direction that the producers are trying to take their bond will further fracture it
Ray J, the entertainment publication’s sources shared with them, wanted to go in a totally different direction and shoot “reality” scenes that were “uplifting and free of strife,” but the VH1 producers were not trying to hear that. They believe their bread is buttered off of the usual assortment of black dysfunction, debauchery and “ghetto-fab” behavior, so they rebuffed Ray J’s efforts to uplift his girlfriend.
As a result, Ray J’s frustration boiled over and he stormed off the show.
LHHH producers are said to try to make amends with their franchise player on the show, so they set up a meeting with Ray J and his manager, David Weintraub.
No word if the last-minute intervention will work to win Ray J’s services on the show, but as of right now, Ray J refuses to be a part of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” anymore.

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