Michigan Mechanic Certification Tests More Accessible Through MDE Partnership

With Detroit switching to electric cars and the lush promises of such an economy in mind, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson today announced improvements to the mechanic certification process. Updated certification exams now cover current automotive technology and can be taken at students’ schools instead of Secretary of State offices.

“Making mechanic tests available at schools where students already are is another way we are making government work for the people of Michigan,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “By increasing accessibility for aspiring mechanics to take their exams at their school we also free up staff time at our offices – by thousands of visits annually – to continue ensuring all residents who do visit can conduct their business and be back out the door in an average of 20 minutes or less.”

More than 30 automotive training programs across Michigan have the web-based testing system in place and can now securely provide state licensing exams on campus. Further, 17 licensing and certification tests have been rewritten to include new industry standards and technology and twice the question content as previous tests.

“The improved exams reflect what mechanics will see and experience in the modern age of auto repair, increasing the job prospects for Michigan-certified mechanics, strengthening our economy, and improving vehicle safety statewide,” said Benson.

The State of Michigan Automotive Mechanic Tests are state-approved credentials for automotive-related Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs through the Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education.

Schools that offer this credential provide students with the opportunity for licensure as a State of Michigan mechanic. Students who earn the State of Michigan mechanic license through a CTE program will be ready for immediate employment in a high-wage, high-demand career. Information about onsite test proctoring can be found at Michigan.gov/SOS.

“Earning credentials, like the State of Michigan mechanic license, allows students to enter the workforce with proof of the skills that employers demand,” said Dorthy Switalski, an education consultant with the Michigan Department of Education. “Onsite testing at the school will make it much easier to offer the opportunity to students.”

The eight tests that make up the Automotive/Light Truck series of tests have been updated and are now available to the general public at any branch office, and to students in participating automotive training programs utilizing the testing system. The remaining nine tests in the areas of Heavy-Duty Truck, Motorcycle and Collision are set to follow in coming months.

For more information about the updated mechanic testing program and its implementation across the state, visit the MDOS website for mechanics.

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