June: National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month! Please consider observing this important month by learning what you can do at your home to keep natural gas safety in mind. Here are some tips DTE has to offer you.

Know the signs of a natural gas leak which include smelling a rotten egg-like smell, seeing dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area, and/or hearing a blowing or hissing sound. If a gas leak/incident is suspected, leave the area immediately, call 911 and then contact DTE at 800.947.5000.

Keep your natural gas meter clear of debris (shrubbery, leaves, etc.) in the event that DTE needs to do a meter check for your safety.

Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home’s bedrooms, hallways and living spaces. If you ever suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, immediately leave the area to get fresh air, seek medical assistance and then call 911.

Make sure natural gas appliances are properly installed, vented and maintained, and get regular inspections to ensure they’re operating safely.

Schedule a yearly inspection of your flues, vents and chimneys to ensure they are clear of debris and in proper working condition.

Call MISS DIG at 811 three business days before beginning a digging project like planting or installing a new mailbox, patio, pool fence, etc. This is important because MISS DIG will notify all underground utilities to come to your project to place flags. Please note, digging without knowing the location of underground utilities can result in serious injuries, service disruptions, and costly repairs when gas, electric, communications, water and/or sewer lines are damaged.

DTE Energy is committed to the safety of all our customers and the communities we serve, and hope you’ll keep these natural gas safety practices in mind this month.

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