Jessica Nabongo Ignites Inspiring Conversations at Coffee & Cadillacs

A breakfast conversation at the Cadillac Lounge during the American Black Film Festival brought together cultural icons for a morning of inspiring discussions. Among the notable attendees was world traveler Jessica Nabongo, who had just returned from Paris after joining Cadillac for the OPTIQ reveal. The event, aptly titled “Coffee & Cadillacs: Lights, Camera, Action!” set the stage for a series of meaningful and thought-provoking dialogues.


Jessica Nabongo: Embracing Positivity and Overcoming Fear

Jessica Nabongo, celebrated for her adventurous spirit and cultural insights, captivated the audience with her experiences and outlook on life. Reflecting on her journey, she shared an enlightening perspective: “What holds us back is white supremacy and the patriarchy. These systems instill fear in us, especially women, making us afraid of the world outside. I hope that when people see me, they release a bit of that fear. I believe that if you travel with positive energy, you receive positive energy in return.”


Nabongo’s approach to travel is a testament to her fearless attitude. “I never use a hotel safe,” she remarked. “I don’t assume people want to do me harm. Traveling with the expectation of positivity has always led to enriching experiences for me.” Her words resonated with many, encouraging them to shed preconceived fears and embrace the world with open hearts.


The Journey of The Catch Me If You Can

Jessica’s journey from blogging in 2008 to becoming a global icon is a story of authenticity and perseverance. “When I started ‘The Catch Me If You Can,’ there was no Instagram, and Twitter had just begun,” she recalled. “I’ve always been inspired by Carmen Sandiego, and I wanted to reflect that adventurous spirit in my blog.”


Her blog’s evolution into a book published by National Geographic is a testament to the value of consistency. “People often see overnight success, but it took me from 2009 to 2021 to sign my book deal. Authenticity and consistency brought me to where I am today,” she emphasized.


Quieting the Noise: The Power of Meditation and Deep Knowing

Nabongo spoke passionately about the importance of quiet reflection and deep knowing. “When you meditate, pray, or slow down, you allow yourself to listen and receive signals from the universe. These moments of clarity lead to a profound understanding of your path,” she shared.


Discussing the concept of loss and gain, she added, “In order to gain anything, you have to lose something. It’s about understanding that losses make way for subsequent gains. This perspective has helped me move forward with confidence.”


Infectious Vision: Believing in Your Path

Jessica’s belief in her vision is unwavering, and she encourages others to adopt the same mindset. “I don’t need people to believe in my vision. You have to see it yourself, and that conviction will inspire others. Stop trying to convince people and just start doing. Authenticity will always shine through,” she advised.

Her recent venture into TikTok exemplifies this belief. “Starting from zero can be daunting, but it’s a fun exercise in finding my voice. You have to trust in your journey and let your actions speak for themselves,” she noted.


A Call to Action: Building Your Path with Positivity

The conversations at the Cadillac Lounge were inspiring and a call to action. Nabongo’s insights urged attendees to break free from societal constraints and pursue their passions with determination and positivity. Her journey, marked by authenticity and a fearless embrace of life, is a powerful example for anyone looking to carve their path.

As the morning came to a close, the energy in the room was palpable. The discussions had sparked a collective resolve to move forward with courage, authenticity, and a positive outlook, embodying the spirit of “Coffee & Cadillacs: Lights, Camera, Action!”


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