Jesse Jackson: Voter Suppression 'Shameless Thievery'

Rev. Jesse Jackson joined HuffPost Live Wednesday morning for a conversation about the presidential election, President Obama’s speech at the UN and the Middle East.

Jackson knocked Romney, saying he is “running in [Obama’s] tracks but his shoes are much smaller than the tracks are.” He also praised Obama’s

“When President Barack came in, we were in a real collapse,” he said. “Now all the arrows are pointing upward. They’re not as high as you want them to be. That’s because the hole was so deep.”

But Jackson worried that despite polling data showing President Obama is pulling ahead in key swing states, voter suppression efforts would prevent an easy Obama victory.

“You could win the debates and lose the elections based on the level of shameless thievery,” he said. “A million point one [votes] purged in Ohio. A million votes purged in Pennsylvania. 500,000 purged in Florida. The attempt to determine the outcome by purging voters and by voter suppression. All lawsuits have shown patterns in the attempts to suppress the votes of seniors, and blacks, and browns, and young people. So the attempt to undermine our voting outcome by this thievery is a source of shame.”


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