International Blue Water Bridge Traffic Stalls in Ambassador Bridge Protest


Now in its third day, a protest with Canadian truckers is impacting the Ambassador Bridge while making heavy traffic at Michigan’s Blue Water Bridge, FOX 2 Detroit reported.

Heavy border backups between the United States and Canada are making traffic problems one of the many issues as parts of the trade and commerce industry is impacted, too according to the article.

Some truck drivers find themselves going to other crossing options with subsequent “mile-long traffic jams in Port Huron and the entrance to the Blue Water Bridge are occurring as a result,” the article added. 

Border officials are also attempting to make two avenues of heavy traffic funneled into one route, per the article. “Basically, Canada only has two entrances here to the United States – Detroit and Port Huron here, and it’s heavy heavy traffic,” said driver Terry Mullin in the article. “There’s so many trucks that are waiting to deliver their freight.”

The shutdown is connected to a protest by the Canadian Freedom Convoy, a group of truckers not happy with the country’s vaccine mandate and other COVID-19 restrictions, the article added.

In a press release, Chairman of the Detroit International Bridge Company Matt Moroun noted that the Ambassador Bridge and all international border crossings are “critical” to international trade.

“Without them, commerce and our shared economies will grind to a halt.  That is exactly what is happening right now and we are all just beginning to feel the devastating impact,” Moroun said. “This cannot continue any longer. On behalf of all those whose jobs and livelihoods depend on the goods that cross this bridge, I ask the Canadian government to take action and end the blockade.”

In the press release, Moroun listed three options he sees that will end the bridge protest:

1. Repeal the mandate and recognize that while the vast majority of truck drivers are vaccinated, there are some who for many reasons are choosing not to get vaccinated but deserve to be respected and allowed to do their jobs and serve our countries with dignity.

2. Remove the vehicles blocking the Ambassador Bridge so commerce and trade can resume.

3. Do nothing and hope this ends on its own, which he says would “most likely prolong the blockade, further crippling our economy and putting more jobs at risk.”  

“This protest proves just how important the Ambassador Bridge and all border crossings are to Canada, the United States and international trade,” he said. “After the blockade is cleared, we need to shift our thinking and recognize that these crossings are too important to be subjected to politics and short term thinking that compromises the ability of commerce to flow and jeopardizes our jobs and our shared economy.”

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