Get Your Car (and Mind) Right on the Road

With more drivers on the road now (seemingly more than ever) as pandemic-related restrictions have eased in Michigan over the summer, it’s no surprise that you are probably spending more time in the vehicle and on the road.  

With those extra minutes commuting to work, attending more in-person events or just taking a short drive down the block – being in that confined space on wheels could take a mental toll if the vehicle is somewhat of an unproductive, cluttered space.  

According to an article from Master Mechanic, having a clean car is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Auto editor Jennifer Greene wrote in the article that in addition to having peace of mind on the road with a clean car, it is important to take care of one’s vehicle to ensure even more wellbeing with these several tips:  

Make Your Car a Sanctuary  

  • Like many people who spend a lot of time in their cars, why not make it a place to collect your thoughts, get some clarity and find some peace of mind? This starts with keeping the car organized and clutter-free. For moms, especially those who have young kids, it might seem like a hard task – but it can be done because that time in the car is critical to regather your thoughts in a space that is quiet of excess noise and one you can call your own.  

Store Reading Material in The Car  

  • While it might seem counterintuitive to keep books, magazines and the like in your car when you want to keep it clean, it’s important to take a pause on technology while in the car to create an even greater sense of peace while in the vehicle. Pulling out a magazine or book while in the car when not driving could be helpful to bridge the entertainment gap. “When I have some downtime in the car [waiting for practices to end], I like to pull one out and read. It’s more peaceful and less aggravating than messing around on social media,” Greene said.  

Press Play on Relaxing Playlists   

  • Ensure that while in the car you have your music to set the mood and tone for the day. Relaxing sounds in the car can get your mind unwinding with the right sounds. Music as many know can boost your mood and emotions. “If you keep a collection of your [favorite] tunes in different genres, you will always be prepared to pick the right music to make you feel good,” according to Greene.  

Another article, “A Peace of Mind Approach to Taking Care of Your Car,” talks about car maintenance and how peace of mind can come in the form of better car care by taking it to a qualified professional regularly.  

From buying a new car and getting all the bells and whistles updated to fixing vehicles that could use a little love – use professional mechanics at automotive service centers because taking care of the vehicle now ensures that it will be well-kept down the line.  

The article suggests that for optimal car maintenance (and peace of mind) follow these tips:   

  • Get your car checked once a year to avoid vehicle breakdowns  
  • Think about getting an extended warranty on a used car  

When vehicle owners take care of their car, they will find that their peace of mind goes a long way with practical care.  



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