Former Michigan Gov Granholm Touts Success of Detroit Auto Recovery at Dem Convention


CHARLOTTE, NC – Former two term Michigan Gov Jennifer Granholm took the podium on the last night of the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina to credit President Obama for the return of the American auto industry in Detroit.
Granholm, who is currently host of the “War Room with Jennifer Granholm,” on Current TV, told delegates about her first hand experience with the beginning of the auto crisis in Detroit and how Obama came to the rescue, while Gov. Mitt Romney said in a Wall Street Journal editorial “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”
“Toward the end of my time as governor, Ford closed one of its biggest factories in Wixom. The Wixom plant had employed thousands of middle class men and women in neighborhoods near, yet worlds away from the place Mitt Romney was raised,” Granholm explained. “When Ford’s decision hit, I went down to the local union hall. It was almost empty, a few workers milled about in shock and grief.”
However Granholm said with Obama’s arrival in 2009 he “Organized a rescue, made the tough calls and saved the American auto industry.”
With the auto rescue, Granholm said more than one million middle class jobs were saved all across America.
“In Colorado the auto rescue saved more than 9,800 jobs. In Virginia more than 19,000 jobs. In North Carolina, more than 25,000 jobs. Wisconsin: more than 28,000 jobs,” Granholm said. “Pennsylvania: more than 34,000 jobs. Florida: more than 35,000 jobs.”
And in Michigan Granholm said 211,000 jobs were saved when the federal government under Obama infused cash into the auto industry to prevent it from going under.
“When America was losing 750,000 jobs per month, who gave us a lift? Barack Obama. When American markets broke down, who jump started the engine? Barack Obama. And when America needed it most, who got us rolling again on the road to recovery? Barack Obama,” Granholm said. “America, let’s rev our engines. In your car and on your ballot, the ‘D’ is for drive forward, and the ‘R’ is for reverse. And in this election, we’re driving forward not back. Let’s reelect our great president Barack Obama.” 
Bankole Thompson is a Senior Author-in-Residence at Global Mark Makers Publishing House in Iowa where he is writing a groundbreaking six-part book series on the Obama presidency. His book “Obama and Black Loyalty” published in 2010 follows his recent book “Obama and Christian Loyalty” with a foreword by Bob Weiner former White House spokesman. His forthcoming books in 2012 are “Obama and Jewish Loyalty” and “Obama and Business Loyalty.” He is the first editor of a major African American newspaper to have a series of sit-down interviews with Barack Obama. Thompson is also a Senior Political News Analyst at WDET-101.9FM Detroit (NPR Affiliate) and a member of the weekly “Obama Watch” Sunday evening round table on WLIB-1190AM New York and simulcast in New Jersey and Connecticut.

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