DWIHN Enhances Services to Help Treat Postpartum Depression

DWIHN Launches Program During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) knows that one of the greatest joys in life is bringing a child into this world, but it can also be a very scary time too. Mothers manage a myriad of health concerns by bringing a healthy baby into the world, which can be overwhelming. That’s why DWIHN is working to help support moms by partnering with the Southeastern Michigan Perinatal Quality Improvement Coalition (SEMPQIC).

The initiative, funded by SEMPQIC, trains clinicians within the DWIHN network to help them identify mothers who may be struggling with Postpartum Depression (PPD). The training includes a new and enhanced screening process to catch early signs and symptoms of PPD.

“With this new initiative, DWIHN is expanding access to care to support families dealing with PPD,” said Eric Doeh, President and CEO. “We know mothers are impacted emotionally, physically, and mentally during this time and detecting the signs early is one more way to protect mom and baby.”

Evey year, nearly 800,000 mothers struggle with PPD, including 16% of mothers in Michigan, according to the 2023 Health of Women and Children Report. Symptoms include ongoing feelings of anxiety, irritability, and even guilt. Some physical issues mothers may experience include changes in appetite, weight, or sleep patterns.

This initiative gives DWIHN the opportunity to raise awareness of PPD, foster conversations that are often avoided, and offer solutions. The new approach is designed to detect PPD earlier and provide specialized care. Programming also will provide critical tools to fathers and other individuals in the mother’s circle of support.


The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) is the largest Community Mental Health system offering integrated health care in Michigan. Through programs and services that utilize promising best practices we promote a community that is supportive and embraces people with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities and substance use disorder. We offer help with Infant Mental Health, Supportive Housing, and Recovery to support self-determination and improve the health, safety and quality of life for nearly 123,000 people and their families. For more information, download the myDWIHN mobile app, www.dwihn.org/ or contact our 24/7 Access Helpline, 800-241-4949.


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