Do You Owe Detroit Taxes?

If you’re a Detroit resident who hasn’t paid city income or property tax, times are changing. Under the consent agreement, one of its goals is to get systems in place to track down taxes owed. A lot of Detroiter’s owe city taxes in some form or another. However, the city lacked the capacity to collect before. Now, for those land owners and people who let their city income tax go unpaid, it’s time to ante up.

Here is an excerpt from the final draft of the consent agreement:


 Improve Detroit’s Capacity to Collect Tax Revenues:

  • Enhance city revenue collection capacity as requested by the City of Detroit through technical assistance for collections, audit, and city income tax administration
  • Create a common assessment template—move the property assessment function from the city to the county to allow for efficiencies as well as between property owners


 Many Detroiters simply don’t have the money owed to the city. Will the city garnish wages? Or if the resident who owes taxes is unemployed (our unemployment rate is the highest in the country) will the city or Wayne County then repossess property?

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