DJ Legend Delano Smith and Rising Star sillygirlcarmen Unite for Groundbreaking Project ‘PLAY’

Caption: L-Camen Johnson, R-Delano Smith

The electrifying collaboration between legendary DJ/Producer Delano Smith and rising star DJ/Artist sillygirlcarmen is poised to redefine the electronic music scene with the recent EP release ‘PLAY.’ The three-song project dropped May 24th leading into the Movement Memorial Day weekend, creating a sound-transcending music boundary by merging decades of experience with fresh, innovative energy.

Delano Smith, a Detroit icon since 1978, has been a key figure in the city’s DJ culture and music scene. He has played a significant role in shaping the sounds that have had a global impact on dance floors and influenced many artists.

Carmen Johnson, also known as sillygirlcarmen, is a multi-talented performer from Detroit. She is a DJ, singer, and actress who has showcased her skills in various locations worldwide, including Detroit, LA, Montreal, and Paris. Carmen has participated in events like Charivari Detroit, Movement, West Coast Weekender, and Miami Music Week.

“I feel great about the direction that electronic music has taken. It’s growing every year. And the festival here was just a testament to that, and how popular even though it’s still relatively underground, how popular it is to the city, and good for the economy. It’s very multicultural. Everyone gets along. I really enjoyed being here ( at Movement)”, Smith said.

Delano Smith and sillygirlcarmen’s collaboration creates high-energy, danceable tracks rooted in Detroit’s musical legacy. The unique blend of nostalgic and forward-thinking sounds appeals to fans of classic house music and newer electronic sounds, showcasing Detroit’s ongoing innovation and influence in electronic dance music.

“Working with Carmen has taught me a lot about promoting and preparing for a release because, being a DJ and producer, you can’t be good at everything,” Smith said jokingly. “She knows what she is doing with the singing and vocal arrangements. So, it’s a pleasure to work with her, and we’ve been getting some positive reviews on the EP”.

Smith is working on a few projects and has a new release on his label, Mixmode Recordings, later in the year. He will also have a double EP released later in the year on a label he has been working with called Sushitech Records. Smith is producing a series of late-night parties here in Detroit for the after-hours scene.

“After two o’clock, there’s a void there, and we need a safe space where people can enjoy this music. I’m gonna be producing a monthly there (TV Lounge),” Smith said.

Fans of the genre, both old and new, will find themselves enthralled by PLAY’s compelling blend of rhythms. Once again, this proves that when it comes to high-energy, danceable music, Detroit will continue to be in the conversation, and Delano Smith and sillygirlcarmen have something to say about it. PLAY.

“I’m looking forward to this being the first year one of my songs will be performed live. Carmen will be singing one of the tracks from our EP during the last part of my performance. She has dancers and everything, and I saw the set in a couple of rehearsals, and it will be amazing. So I’m really looking forward to that,” Smith said.

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