Detroit Artist Debuts His Work at “Welcome to the Jungle”

By Jenna Anderson

Detroit artist Alan Manigault will present his acrylic paintings at “Welcome to the Jungle” on Saturday, Oct. 26. “Welcome to the Jungle” is a celebration of art, music and food and drink and will be held at 18221 W. McNichols Rd. 

The Detroit native has worked in the city for years, mostly with clothing and album covers.  “A lot of people know me for design,” Manigault said. “This is my first [art] showcase.” 

 Manigault’s artwork all have a connection to Detroit, and specifically to the African American community. He said he took inspiration from music, mostly hip-hop, and mashed up different artists.  

   “I have a painting inspired by Fabulous Peps,” he said. “Another is inspired by the ‘It’s Better This Way’ album by Big K.R.I.T.”  

    Manigault also looked at other forms of entertainment and pop culture. One painting takes inspiration from “Sister, Sister,” a show about twins living in Detroit. Another piece features actor and comedian Martin Lawrence. 

    “Welcome to the Jungle” will showcase Manigault’s art and more. There will be a buffet, sushi bar and open wine bar. For entertainment, there will be games, a DJ and some unique attractions. 

Several artists, including “Billions the Collector,” will be painting live. Viston Levell will be doing live body painting. And Animal Magic will bring exotic animals to the event. The snakes and lizards will add to the jungle theme. Manigault said they will even glow in the dark.  

   “We’re trying to do something different,” Manigault said. 

    At the end of the evening there will be a 50/50 raffle and a giveaway of one of Manigault’s paintings. 

   Even though “Welcome to the Jungle” is for one night only, Manigault will use the space over the next year. “We’re doing something called ‘Recreation Stations,’” he said. “We want a place for artists to come and learn.” 

The building will hold a number of different types of art classes, like candle making 

    “Welcome to the Jungle” will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. Tickets are available to those over 21 via Normal entry is $10 and VIP is $25.  

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