Carjacked Car Runs Over and Kills 3 Kids, Critically Injures Mother


A massive $100,000 manhunt is underway for two men in Philadelphia after a stolen SUV loses control and slams into a family of five who were working a fruit cart, running them all over and killing three of the children.

According to the local CBS affiliate, two men had just carjacked a Toyota 4Runner with the victim in the backseat minutes before the unspeakable tragedy. The car was reportedly speeding down the street when it blew a tire and jumped the curb, the Philadelphia Police Department stated.

The family of five were working at the fruit cart on the corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenues around 11:15 a.m. on Friday the SUV plowed into the group, skidded across a grassy lot and rammed head-on into a tree.

Thomas Reed, 10, died on the scene. His 15-year-old sister Keiearra Williams was taken to Temple University Hospital where she died a short time later. Their 7-year-old brother, Terrence Moore, was rushed to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children where he also died.

A manhunt is now underway. The suspect’s descriptions are not fully clear, but one was wearing a white T-shirt and basketball shorts. Police say he was armed with a gun. The other suspect is wearing an orange shirt and basketball shorts.

Philadelphia City Hall has announced a $100,000 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the men. It started $20,000, but with each child dying within hours of each other, the outrage and horror fueled a surge in contributions from city residents.

The Fraternal Order of Police even added $10,000 which can be collected if the two men are arrested by noon Monday. It was the police department who summed up the sentiments of millions when the agency chief spoke out this past weekend.

“There are really no words for how I feel right now, but we do need to find these people and that needs to be our focus right now,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. “Finding the people responsible for this crime and get them in custody as soon as possible before they harm anyone else.”

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