BSEED and Quicken Loans Community Fund Unveil to Help Businesses Navigate System


The energy in Room 434 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center was lively as Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED) and the Quicken Loans Community Fund unveiled new areas dedicated to help businesses in Detroit. BSEED cut the ribbon on re-designed offices, easy-to-navigate floor directions, and streamlined applications. Also, new online tools were introduced that will allow businesses to apply for licensing and permits without the need of being present at the BSEED offices.


David Bell, director of Building Safety and Engineering, opened the ribbon-cutting ceremony by speaking about the improvements. “When visitors arrive at the BSEED offices, they will be greeted with vibrant, color-coated signs on the floors that guide them to the right counter or office, whether it’s property maintenance, construction, plant review, or licensing and permits,” Bell said. “Quicken Loans and BSEED worked together to redesign several forms which will reduce the time it takes to fill them out. If you’re thinking about opening a business in the City of Detroit, you no longer have to come downtown to do so. All you have to do is log on to, click on the business button, type in the address, and in the end, it will let you know what you need to do to get to the finish line.”


Laura Grannemann, vice president of the Quicken Loans Community Fund, said

“You can’t have successful entrepreneurs without a successful supportive system. This new system will make things easier for those who are already here and for those who are hustling and building new businesses every day.”


Granneman also spoke about diversity and inclusion and the success of Detroit Demo Day over the past few years.


“Diversity and inclusion are a huge focus for us. The City of Detroit has a diverse population and we want to represent that diversity. Everything we do from Demo Day to Downtown Detroit Markets represents the City of Detroit across all fronts.”


Representatives from AGI Construction stated that they’re excited to build through BSEED and have access to making new business projects successful.


With the rising tide of entrepreneurs in Detroit, this is the perfect opportunity for one to open a business without having to go through the red tape that’s been in place for so long. Entrepreneurship provides a jolt of energy into the ecosystem of a city.


David Bell, Laura Grannemann, and others cut the ribbon at the BSEED offices. PHOTO: Andre Ellington


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