Amber’s Detroit Diaries: Outside in the Motor City

What up, doe, Y’all!? This is my first column! (Let’s see how this goes lol). This will be a space where I will share my “outside” adventures in and around the Motor City.


First, let me introduce myself: I’m Detroit Til’ The Day I Die! I’m always putting on for the city in some form or fashion; I rock a gold-plated old English Detroit necklace. I was born and raised on Detroit’s west side, specifically Greenlawn and Tireman. I graduated from Mackenzie High School, attended Bowling Green State University for college, and returned to Michigan, where I graduated from Eastern Michigan with my journalism degree.


I have been writing all my life, but getting an exclusive or making a discovery of some sort puts a fire under me in my free time. I’m always outside exploring, drinking locally sourced wine at The Royce, getting active on the Greenway in the neighborhood, or viewing a new exhibit at the DIA. You’ll find me somewhere doing something.


This week was a lovely and nostalgic Taco Tuesday with my longtime college friend Tia! It had been almost a year since I last had a Taco Tuesday, so it was a great change of pace and time to catch up on some girl time. My go-to spot for a delicious Cadillac Margarita (if you know, you know) and some mouthwatering carnitas tacos is Los Galanes Mexican Restaurant (and I stand behind it; I guarantee it). Situated in southwest Detroit at the intersection of Bagely and 23rd, it is a fantastic experience with exceptional service and top-notch fresh food.


On a hot summer day, sit outside on their covered patio (don’t worry about the flies and bees; it ain’t none) and have a margarita or frozen delight. Also, just because I drink doesn’t mean you have to. Los Galanes also has a nice selection of mocktails. There are also vegan options if you are looking for vegetarian options. The tacos, flour or corn, the chimichungas are to die for. Those are my favorites. Also, you will get more than you can eat, so you will have leftovers. Plus, it’s affordable. Because this economy, right?!


Where to next week? Do you have an upcoming event or something I need to pull up to? If so, let me know. Follow me on Instagram (@1amberogden) and TikTok (@1amberogden) to let me know because I’m outside!



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