Afro Nation Returns to Detroit Summer 2024

Detroit, our city, the pulsing heart of Black culture and history, is all lit up with anticipation as Afro Nation, the top-tier Afrobeats festival on the globe, is making its way back to the Motor City this summer according to Bedrock’s Thursday announcement. Following a mind-blowing showcase last year that had us all talking, this festival is gearing up to take our rich musical legacy to the next level, promising an experience even more lit and full of life than before.

Y’all know how we do it in Detroit – we bring the heat, the soul, and the unbeatable spirit. Afro Nation isn’t just another festival; it’s a homecoming of sorts, celebrating the sounds, the energy, and the vibes that flow through our veins. Last summer, Detroit exemplified why we’re the most cultured city in the nation, proving once again we’re the heart and soul for artists and music heads far and wide. This city, where we embrace everyone from Beyoncé to Jeezy like they’re our own, has always been the spot. It’s our spirit, our history in this music game, that made Afro Nation decide there’s nowhere else but Detroit for their first big throwdown in the States.

“Bringing Afro Nation back to Detroit, the home of Motown and Techno was an easy decision,” Co-Founder of Afro Nation, SMADE said. “Detroit embodies culture, creativity, and pride.”

Right there at the Brewster-Douglass Projects, on August 19 and 20, we turned history into the hottest ticket in town. This spot, where our own Motown legends like Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson came up, was alive again with the beat of Afrobeats, all set against that Detroit skyline we love.

Choosing Detroit, with all our soul and grit, and the Brewster-Douglass, a place of Black dreams and struggle, for Afro Nation wasn’t just by chance. This festival was a shout-out to Black excellence, our joy, our artistry, and a nod to the deep musical roots that run through our city.

And let me tell you, it was more than just a music fest. It was like stepping into a living painting, with every corner showing off the rich vibes of our African roots. The colors, the styles, had everyone looking like royalty, feeling that deep connection to our heritage. It felt like the whole diaspora dropped in our backyard for the ultimate family get-together. And man, did it deliver.

Burna Boy came through and turned the place upside down. That man’s energy? Unmatched. He blended Afrobeat, dancehall, and a bit of hip-hop in a way that only Burna can and had everyone feeling like they were part of something bigger. It was one of those nights you didn’t want to end, where the music and the crowd were just in perfect sync.

Then Davido stepped on stage and took it to another level. The vibes he brought with his mix of Afrobeats, pop, and R&B had us all in a groove. It was more than a performance; it felt like a celebration of where we’re from and where we’re at, all at once.

The lineup was stacked with talent that kept the energy high and the vibes right. From Ari Lennox’s smooth R&B to P-Square’s dynamic hits, and not forgetting Latto, Coi Leray, Kizz Daniel, and Masego, each artist brought their A-game, making it a night to remember.

The vibe at Afro Nation Detroit? You could feel it in your bones. Every beat, every rhythm brought us closer, had us all moving as one. It was more than a party; it was a statement – about community, about the legacy of this city that keeps pushing the boundaries of Black music and culture.

Last year’s Afro Nation wasn’t just a festival; it was a moment for Detroit. It was about music, yes, but it was also about community, connection, and celebrating the culture that ties us all together. And if you missed it, don’t sleep on this year’s event. We’re all about making memories and celebrating our heritage, and Afro Nation Detroit is where it’s at.

“The energy here is electric, echoing the heartbeat of Afro Nation’s spirit,” said SMADE. “In Detroit, we found a community that welcomed us with open arms, sharing our passion for unity and celebration, giving us a home away from home. Afro Nation Detroit 2024 will be even bigger than last year, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.”

Now, with Afro Nation gearing up to come back this summer, the buzz is real. We’re ready to do it all over again, to celebrate, to connect, to show the world how Detroit gets down. This is more than just a festival; it’s a homecoming, a family reunion, a celebration of everything we are. Stay tuned for festival dates, artist lineup, and location—details are coming soon. For the latest information and priority access to tickets, visit and follow #AND2024.

In the meantime, Detroit, let’s get ready to make some noise!

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