2022 Michigan General Election Results

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans wins the primary election with 160,105 (95.83%) votes, according to City of Detroit unofficial results.


On Tuesday, voters across Michigan made their voices heard on critical races, issues, and candidates on the 2022 general election season ballot.

This election has shaped up to be a momentous decision-making time for tens of thousands of registered voters on controversial issues from women’s right to reproductive freedom, legislative term limits, and financial disclosure of elected officials, to high government official seats being challenged for races across the board.

The State of Michigan estimates 4 million registered voters will cast their votes on election day, with over half of which were cast absentee ballots.

 The 2022 Midterm Election in Michigan continues to be the election to watch as many absentee ballots were turned in for critical races across the state. Here are the results as of 9 AM this morning. Continue to follow MichiganChronicle.com for up-to-date election coverage.


Here are the Michigan Chronicle’s endorsements on key candidate races ballot proposals:


2022 General Election Winners (Updated Results)


Attorney General (Noted from NPR unofficial results)

Dana Nessel (D) with 2,327,979 (53.2%) votes

Matthew DePerno (R) with 1,948,357 (44.5.%) votes


Secretary of State (Noted from NPR unofficial results)

Jocelyn Benson (D) with 2,463,552 (55.9%) votes

Kristina Karamo (R) with 1,848,735 (41.9%) votes


Wayne County Executive (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

Warren Evans (D) with 160,105 (95.83%) votes

Mark Ashley Price (R) with 6,971 (4.17%) votes


Wayne County Sheriff (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

Raphael Washington (D) with 156,192 (95.89%) votes

Joseph H LeBlanc (LB) with 3,837 (2.36%) votes


Michigan House of Representatives (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

1st District

Tyrone Carter (D) with 12,763 (89.09%) votes

Paula M. Campbell (R) with 1,323 (9.23%) votes


16th District

Stephanie Young (D) with 12,788 (96.01%) votes

Keith Jones (R) with 532 (3.99%) votes


Michigan State Senate (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

District 1        

Erika Geiss with 22,911 (94.16%) votes

Erik Soderquist with 1,422 (5.84%) votes


District 2        

Sylvia Santana (D) with 15,339 (91.03%) votes

Harry Sawicki (R) with 1,064 (6.31%) votes


Wayne County Commission (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

District 5

Irma Clark-Coleman (D) with 37,314 (100.00%) votes


District 6

Monique Baker McCormick (D) with 21,461 (96.41%) votes

Celeste Mentag (R) with 798 (3.59%) votes


Proposals (Noted from NPR unofficial results)

Proposal 1 

Yes vote 2,499,013 (65.6%)

No vote 1,309,508 (41.2%)


Proposal 2

Yes vote 2,257,236 (58.8%) votes

No vote 1,581,387 (41.2) votes


Michigan Supreme Court (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

Richard Bernstein with 2,118,475 (33.9%) votes

Brian Zahra 1,490,081 (23.9%) votes


Detroit Community School District School Board (4 positions) (Noted from City of Detroit unofficial results)

LaTrice McClendon with 42,365 (10.34%) votes

Iris Taylor with 36,110 (8.81%) votes

Corletta Vaughn with 33,061 (8.07%) votes

LaMar Lemmons with 28,365 (6.92%) votes


At the time of publication, these were the result numbers reported from the Detroit City Clerk’s office and other news outlets. Please follow Michiganchronicle.com for up-to-date race results.

Staff Writer Sherri Kolade contributed to this report.

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