Wow! Kylie Jenner is secretly engaged to Tyga at 17 years old

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Obviously, Kylie Jenner could not wait until her 18th birthday to get engaged to rapper Tyga.
Now it has been learned that Jenner, 17, and Tyga, 25, who have only recently admitted to being a couple, are secretly engaged.
“Kylie accepted Tyga’s proposal a few weeks ago and made the announcement to her family,” In Touch and “She wants to get married as soon as she turns 18 in August.”
That same source said Jenner “can’t wait” to get married to Tyga. The rapper already exemplified his loyalty to the underage jailbait reality star by tattooing her name on his arm.
“She told her friends that Tyga gave her a ‘symbolic ring’ for now and she isn’t showing anyone until her birthday, when she’ll make an official announcement… They’re tired of hiding,” the source said.
Despite their puppy love, storm clouds loom over the horizon. Tyga is locked in a bitter custody battle with his baby mama and former girlfriend Blac Chyna, King Cairo, and the two sides often square off at each other on social media.
If Jenner and Tyga get married, she would become Blac Chyna’s son’s step-mother as a teenager, a role most don’t believe she has the slightest clue on how to fulfill. “She’s been exposed to more diverse experiences in a shorter period of time than other people, yet her brain is still adolescent,” an expert said.
Another storm brewing is the fact that Kylie’s father, Bruce Jenner, is transitoning into becoming a full-fledged woman.
“This would be a stressful situation for any child at any age,” said the expert. “Many teens imagine that a relationship can be an anchor.”
Despite all the drama orbiting around the two lovers, the source said Jenner is ready to turn 18 so she does not have to hide her love for Tyga anymore.
“She’s a teenager in love.”

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