What’s in Janet Jackson’s future?

Until Janet Jackson married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, most people had never even heard of Qatar. For the record, it is a country of eastern Arabia on a peninsula in the southwest Persian Gulf.

Now, there are all kinds of speculation regarding what will happen to Jackson, both professionally and personally, if she ultimately decides to take up permanent residence in Qatar. Friends and family and wonder if she will lose “control,” given the male domination aspect of Muslim culture.

Is it possible that she might be forbidden to leave the country if that was her desire?
If they have children will they be brought up Islamic?
Will megastar Janet Jackson be free to continue her career unabated?
Known for having made several “adults only” recordings in the past, would Jackson’s records be allowed to air or even be sold in Qatar and other Arabic countries?
Can she still be sexy? It is already reported that in her husband’s presence Jackson dresses in a manner that is a “striking contrast to her usual body-bearing looks.”
It could all be speculation without foundation. Al Mana said his wife is “a very special and talented woman who never ceases to amaze me.”
Perhaps love supercedes and conquers all.
Wissam Al Mana became rich as managing director of Al Mana retail group, based in the Middle East, that represents, among others, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli and other high-end retailers. That is in addition to owning interest in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in several countries.
There are those who believe that Al Mana and Janet Jackson might go into business together, either in his country, hers, or both.

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