Wayne Kids Win! Proposal is dedicated to providing after-school programs to Wayne county students

Children are our most precious asset in society. The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” isn’t one of light-hearted nature. Children are the future of this world and the greater community must invest in them. The Wayne Kids Win! Proposal recognizes this and has plans to introduce more after-school programs to all school districts in Wayne. 

The Wayne Kids Win! Proposal garnered 90,000 signatures that were delivered to the Wayne County Clerk’s Office. These signatures exceeded the minimum 53,000 needed to ensure the proposal would appear on the ballot by March 10, 2020. Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napolean views the proposal as a step in the right direction for the safety of our children. 

“The safety of our kids has never been more important,” said Napoleon. “I am truly excited Wayne County voters have shown support for making this once-in-a-lifetime investment in after-school programs that help keep kids safe and on a positive path.”

DTE President and CEO Jerry Norcia stated that having after-school programs in schools will allow kids to grow at a rapid rate.

“As CEO of a large business headquartered in Wayne County, I know after-school programs work,” said Norcia. “They provide kids with the skills needed to compete in a global economy — one that demands a skilled workforce, including skilled trades. Wayne Kids Win! is a unique opportunity for our community to make a landmark investment in the future of our young people.”

This burgeoning proposal comes amid a $55 million deficit that has affected after school programs across Wayne County. 

“Every child in every Wayne County community deserves access to high-quality after-school programs, but they are out of reach for thousands of our kids,” said CEO Shawn H. Wilson from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan. “If passed, the Wayne Kids Win! Proposal will mark a new day in which all kids countywide have the opportunity to participate in programs that contribute to a strong social, emotional and intellectual foundation that sets the stage for success.”

After school programs are an integral part of a child’s life. You learn essential life skills and various school subjects that may be rushed through during the school day. Also, after school programs keep kids out of trouble which typically can occur between the school hours of 3 PM and 7 PM. As a child who grew up attending after-school programs, I know first-hand how it feels to know there’s a place you can go to learn and create freely. If this bill passes, it will have a major impact on our students in Michigan. 

For more information, visit waynekidswin.com.

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