Time to Get “Woo’ed” With New Lip Makeup Line  

Woo Cosmetics features lipsticks, lip glosses and more.  


Farmington Hills resident Shalonda A. Hargress marches to her own “beat” literally.  

As the president and CEO of her own makeup company, Woo Cosmetics, she is all about that life when it comes to giving people in the Metro Detroit area a new look.  

Woo Cosmetics is described as a leading cosmetic brand offering quality products with quality and class, according to the website.   

Hargress is an artist who’s been in the industry for more than 20 years. Her experience includes celebrity, editorial, film, fashion and bridal artistry. Hargress believes makeup should be fun and versatile, according to her website.   

“No client should have to buy unnecessary items to achieve an everyday look.”   

She also believes makeup should be clean and classic.  

Her company, established in 2015-2016, was a dream long in the works for almost two decades.  

The cosmetic service and product-based makeup line offers lip looks including lip glosses, lipsticks and lip liners for now.  

“I’m starting here but I am branching out with brows, which I am known,” Hargress said, adding that she will eventually tap into a whole line.   

Her lip glosses, ranging around $20, have spunky names like, “Must Be Nice,” “Do You,” “Why Not,” “It’s A Vibe,” “Boy Bye,” and more.  

“I say that all the time, ‘Boy Bye.’ Something that flies out of my mouth normally and [my product] just so happens to be one of my favorite glosses … my favorite color, a peachy neutral. … It came through as the names of all the statement phrases and things that we say all the time.”  

Lip liners range from around $15.  

And while she is living in her dream right now, starting her business of beauty began right after a devastating situation, her divorce in 2016.  

“It was forced [evolution],” she said, adding that she has always wanted to do it full time. “It was what pushed me through the door.”  

Hargress said that along the way she was meant to be doing what she is doing now – even others saw it.  

“It was an idea of a very close friend of mine who actually got me into makeup,” she said. “She told me I was going to start a cosmetic line and this was what the name was going to be.”  

Hargress said that her company name comes from her maiden last name, “Wooten,” and her makeup represents something bold. “Woo Cosmetics is a statement — the tagline is, ‘A statement that will woo.’”  

Her soft glam makeup line is a passion especially when she’s putting complementary products on women of color.  

“I love bringing out features that women don’t know they have,” she said. “I think that every face has something different about them. A number of things come into play [with makeup] like the outfit that the client needs their makeup done for and how willing they are to do something new.”  

Metro Detroit resident and client Jessica Sain loves Woo makeup because it is “smooth and long-lasting.”  

“The lip line products easily match my skin tone and stands out,” she said. “It’s important to me that I support a Black makeup artist because it makes me feel good to pour back into my community.”  

Hargress advises new makeup artists to practice, practice, practice.  

“Practice on different faces like eye shapes, different ethnicities, different complexions and different skin textures,” she said. “You want to know what field of the industry you’re going into … and be a well-rounded makeup artist. I can work in editorial, runway, movies, bridal and commercials. I don’t believe in being boxed in. If this is what you truly love never have a plan B. Do something in the beauty field that will keep you inspired until you can make makeup your career.”  

For more information go to woomakeup.com.  




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