Three Ways to Get Over the Mid-Week Hump

Friday is finally here, and a jolt of excitement powers you from your office entrance to your vehicle. You’ve just made it through another challenging workweek. Saturday and Sunday speed past only to be stopped dead in your tracks by Wednesday, also known as ’hump day’. You repeat the same things in your head, “TGIF can’t come fast enough,” “The week is moving so slow,” or “I wish today were Friday instead of Wednesday.” Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone in your wishful thinking. states that 76% of American workers get the “Sunday Blues.” This means that some Americans obsess over the idea of their workweek starting in 24 hours. This creates feelings of sadness and despair, which carries over into one’s busy schedule. Some even propose to cut the workweek down to four days, a move that boosted Microsoft Japan worker’s productivity by 40%. While this might not be an immediate reality in America, here are some solutions to avoid the crash of hump day.

Plan things out for the weekend

You can’t do everything under the sun in two days but there are activities that you can plan out and stick to. Things like going on a picnic, seeing a movie or having dinner with friends will give you that expresso shot as you complete your workweek. And while you’re having fun, try and focus on the present. Don’t worry about anything work-related because it’ll be there once you return anyway.

Change your workspace around

Face it; you haven’t changed a thing on your desk since the ink became dry on your initial contract. It’s time to enhance your workspace. Add colorful posters for you to gaze at or a sunlight desk lamp for the winter months. Get a stress ball that you can squeeze in times of pressure-filled moments. All the little things matter when trying to create a space of tranquility and free of specific stressors at work.

Engage with your co-workers throughout the day

Every week, you’ll spend more time with your co-workers than any other group of people, including family. Sharing a meaningful conversation or a good laugh with a co-worker helps time move faster and breaks up the workday. Don’t be afraid to have fun and communicate with your work family.

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