Those damn Lions!

Lions and Green BayYou can’t call it robbery when you leave the door open, as was the case with the Lions in last night’s heartbreaking loss  to the Green Bay Packers. Hopeful fans who’d strolled around all over downtown prior to the game, had their hopes dashed with no time out on the clock and Green Bay’s Hail Mary pass into the waiting hands of Richard Rogers in Lions end zone.
Stunned fans cringed in pain as they watched what seemed to be a ball spiraling through the air forever after Aaron Rodgers fired the 60-yard pass. He escaped the Lions’ defensive pressure, scrambled to his right and threw right into a pride of Lions, but only safety Glover Qui was anywhere near the goal line.
Inexplicably, the Lions only had safety Glover Quin camped near the goal line.
Where was the 6-foot-5 Calvin Johnson?
“I don’t have the words to explain this,” safety Glover Quin said afterwards, looking dumfounded.
Well they never do. Season after season I remind innocent young Lions fans to stop torturing themselves by being so let down when the Lions lose, But what can I say, you know the young are believers and it’s wrong to steal their hopes and dreams. So Lions remember the damage you do and the emotional pain you inflict when you take a 20-0 Lions lead and turn it into a heart wrenching 27-23 loss.
“Man, I’m still in shock,” said Golden Tate. “I really don’t know how to feel about what just happened. That’s crazy, but it just shows the game is not over until there are zero seconds on the clock and even sometimes then, it’s not over. It’s tough to swallow.”
Just remember though Lions, the children are watching.

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