This Pride, Spotify is encouraging the queer community to make noise, make their presence known, and make their own rules with a single rallying cry: CLAIM YOUR SPACE. With a series of activations, this global campaign is aimed at creating permanent space, both physical and digital, for the LGTBQIA+ community.

For too long, there have been glaring gaps in the traditional historiography of music, gaps that often served to minimize or completely erase LGBTQIA+ creators’ indispensable contributions to the development of entire music genres and modern audio culture as a whole. And so, for this year’s Pride, we focused on harnessing the full power of our platform to highlight iconic as well as more emerging queer artists and podcasters, asserting this community’s rightful place within the canon and within the culture.

“Spotify partnered with muralist Ggggrimes in creating a mural celebrating the vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community in Detroit and telling the story of their critical role in the house and techno scenes, as well as in activism in the city. Ggggrimes is a 25-year-old Black queer artist from New York City, now based in Philly, and identifies as bisexual and non-binary using they/them pronouns. The mural shines a spotlight on the important contributions of featured artists and activists local to the Detroit area including K-HAND, DJ MINX, Griz, Ruth Ellis and Dr. Kofi in telling their own unique stories. DJ MINX also curated a playlist reflecting the sound of Pride in Detroit.

The mural is being given as a gift to the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, an organization that provides trauma-informed services to LGBTQ+ youth. The mural will live on 77 Victor St, outside of their second location. Spotify is also directly supporting the Ruth Ellis Center’s important work with a donation.”

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