The People Have Spoken: Weaver out, Neeley in as New Mayor of Flint

The people have spoken!

Sheldon Neeley

On Tuesday, November, 5, 2019 former Flint city councilman and current state Rep. Sheldon Neeley defeated incumbent Mayor Karen Weaver.

Voters have elected a new mayor in Flint, Michigan, where recovery from a lead-contaminated water crisis remains a major issue.

The Genesee County Clerk’s Office reports Neeley received 7,082 votes to Weaver’s 6,877.

Weaver who served one term as mayor and survived a recall attempt in 2017 was was elected mayor in 2015 after voters ousted Dayne Walling in the wake of the Flint water crisis.

During her campaign, Weaver, maintained that Flint had made significant progress in decontaminating the water since but has recently told The Flint Journal that the city has not finished replacing the lead pipes.

Karen Weaver

Neely contended that there was a lack of community trust in the recovery efforts and declared that more emphasis needed to be placed on making Flint a thriving city.

“Residential, recreation, economics, education, and safety is my platform. Those are the five points of light.”

Neely will serve a three-year term until 2022, when Flint transitions to holding mayoral elections on even-numbered years that coincide with Michigan’s gubernatorial elections.

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