The Lobster Pitstop Set for Grand Opening

On any given day in an assortment of neighborhoods across Detroit, The Lobster Food Truck can be spotted serving up its signature lobster dishes to eager foodies. Now, customers will be able to satisfy their seafood cravings as The Lobster Food Truck opens its first brick-and-mortar location in Dearborn.

Chef Nick Wilson has made his dream a reality in expanding the reach of The Lobster Food Truck which officially began rolling in 2018. Providing a behind-the-scenes look at the final days of preparation, including prepping the kitchen staff and perfecting the final touches on menu items, Chef Nick is preparing for the grand opening of the restaurant Saturday.

Located just across from the iconic Wyoming Ford Drive in Dearborn, the Lobster Pitstop has grown from its food truck beginnings and into the heart of a local metro community. The fully staffed restaurant has some newcomers while faithful truck workers were moved higher up the chain.

“Some of them really wanted to work. Some of them wanted to learn and some of them wanted to eat for free. It all goes together. Some of them have experience. The people who’ve been on the truck with me for the last year, we made them supervisors,” says Chef Nick.

The Lobster Pitstop receives a daily fresh shipment of lobster from the seafood capital of the United States; Maine. The menu will feature iconic staple dishes such as the lobster roll and their signature lobster mac and cheese. The restaurant will also feature new menu items including desserts. Some sweet treats will be made in-house while the owner plans to partner with small dessert companies across Detroit to give the opportunity to highlight another budding business. Vegans can also dine as the menu will feature specialty options.

“We’ve got zucchini noodles if someone wants pasta. It’s vegan pesto, vegan pasta. We’ll also have a daily veg (vegetable). It’s a lot but it’s some of the stuff we already had on the truck. So, people know,” says Chef Nick.

The restaurant also plans to offer additional types of seafood including an assortment of fish. Taco Tuesdays will also bring an additional menu item.

A silent mover, Chef Nick has managed to keep the details surrounding the grand opening under lock and key. Staying true to his beliefs, marketing and creating buzz around the opening was not a priority, believing loyal customers and newcomers will flock to the restaurant through word of mouth. The owner believes the food speaks for itself and good news travels fast.

“I haven’t announced it because I have to tie up loose ends,” says Chef Nick. “They’re going to come.”

Choosing a location in Dearborn was purposeful for the owner. Though many may question why the first location was not opened within the Detroit city limits, the owner, a native Detroiter, made a strategic business move.

“I love the city of Detroit. I was born and raised on Seven Mile and Wyoming. Honestly speaking, Dearborn and Wayne county was moving very fast with everything. Detroit takes a lot longer and it costs more,” says Chef Nick.

With easy access to the restaurant and potential foot traffic, the restaurant is gearing up for the winter months and continues expansion, though specific details remain sealed currently. The restaurant’s owner does intend to keep the famous food truck alive while operating the brick-and-mortar location.

“You’re going to see it out spring, summer, and fall all of 2022. I’ve already talked to a couple of businesses and we’re going to have it at a certain location all year,” said Chef Nick.

The Lobster Food Truck can be found at special events throughout the remainder of the year. The Lobster Pitstop grand opening is Saturday, November 20 with special hours from 2 pm until 9 pm. Regular business hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am until 9 pm. The Lobster Pitstop is located at 10405 Ford Road in Dearborn.


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