Technology Upgrades Will Make the Playoff Experience Unique for Detroit Lions Fans

As the Detroit Lions prepare to play a home playoff game for the first time in 30 years, it won’t just be the once-in-a-lifetime for fans due to the on-field product.

Earlier this season, the Detroit Lions unveiled their partnership with the Irvine, California-based Trace3 – a company that uses real-time data and analytics to improve the stadium experience for fans.

Trace3, a leader in technology solutions and services, unveiled its groundbreaking collaboration with the Detroit Lions in Nov. 2023, showcasing an innovative Analytics War Room that places the team at the forefront of the NFL’s technological revolution.

During the event, Ashton Mullinix from the Detroit Lions emphasized the significant impact of their collaboration with Trace3. In acknowledging how their partnership focuses on revolutionizing fan engagement and contributing positively to Detroit’s economic growth.

“We have a strategy and vision for the Detroit Lions to continue as a leading voice in analytics within the NFL for years to come,” Detroit Lions Senior Vice President of Strategy and Analytics Ashton Mullinix said. “The collaboration with Trace3 on designing, building, and supporting our new platform will allow us to take us a step closer to achieving those long-term goals.”

Essentially, Trace3 has technology touchpoints around the stadium that read everything from how many fans are in each section of the stadium, food and merchandise sales at every kiosk, and even more in-depth data like the effectiveness of marketing tactic for the Lions sponsors and affiliates based off ad placements throughout Ford Field.

“We are proud to elevate our data and analytics capabilities to make real-time decisions on improving our overall fan experience,” Detroit Lions Director of Data Strategy and Insights Alex Ballew said. “This partnership with Trace3 is an opportunity to continue to leverage insights now, as well as expand into other areas of focus in the future, including crowd intelligence, player data, and more.”

Some of the capabilities of the technology include:

Personalized Fan Engagement: Leveraging AI to offer dining recommendations and exclusive game-related promotions at local restaurants.

Revolutionized Transportation: Using predictive analytics to optimize public transport schedules and routes, ensuring smooth and efficient travel for fans on game days.

Immersive Media Experiences: Curating personalized content streams and interactive platforms to engage fans in and out of the stadium.

Economic and Community Development: Utilizing data-driven insights to boost local business and contribute to community-building initiatives.

Sustainability and Health Initiatives: Implementing smart solutions for environmental sustainability and public health and safety around the stadium and the city.

Lions’ All-Pro wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, in attendance with NFL Films at the unveiling of the teams “Analytics War Room,” praised the Lions’ efforts in connecting with their fans through technology.

“The fans are everything,” he said. “They keep the game going. They keep us in business, literally. The fans are amazing, and we love them. Ford Field has just been rockin’ all year. Having this information, this data, just makes the fan experience even better.”

Mullinix explained the unique role of sports in this context to revitalize Detroit with technology and praised Trace3 as a standout partner in the technology sector, owing to their unparalleled expertise, innovative approach, and forward-thinking vision.

Even Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer praised the Lions contribution to ensuring a positive fan experience when families around the state use their hard-earned money to go to a game and support the team.

Whitmer called the project “a symbol of hope and advancement for Detroit.” Her message underscored the state’s commitment to technological and economic growth, aligning perfectly with the goals of Trace3 and the Detroit Lions, she said.

With all the efforts going into upgrading the fan experience at Ford Field, any Lions fan will tell you that the best way to make the fan experience great is to beat Matthew Stafford when he and the Los Angeles Rams play the Lions in their first home playoff game since Jan. 1994.

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