Tech Town Detroit Promotes Collaboration with Tech Founder x Developer Mixer

TechTown Detroit has been instrumental in revitalizing Detroit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing robust support to numerous technology startups. As a prominent business incubator and accelerator in the Midwest, TechTown Detroit has gained recognition for its contributions to the growth and success of Detroit’s burgeoning tech community.

One of the newest initiatives under the Tech Town umbrella is the Tech Founder x Developer mixer hosted by the Tech-Based Programs team. The first of what many hope to be a new series happened Friday April 14th at The Platform located on Cass Ave. The event exuded a warm and inviting ambiance for all attendees. Along with receiving invaluable information and making important connections, attendees enjoyed delectable cuisine and drinks from admired vendors like Ice Cream Detroit, Atwater Bar Management, and The Detroit Pepper Company. Adding to the energetic atmosphere, DJ k$ curated the perfect soundtrack for the evening, infusing the event with liveliness and vibrancy.

Nicholas Slappey, Program Coordinator for Tech Base Services, is the mastermind behind the interactive event. Slappey has been with Tech Town Detroit for approaching two years and credits his advancement and expertise to building relationships and connecting with like minded professionals in the tech industry.

“Tech founders and developers are the architects of the future, designing and building the solutions that will shape our world. Mixer events like this provide a crucial platform for these innovators to connect, collaborate, and share ideas, ultimately driving progress and advancing our collective technological capabilities.” said Slappey.

A notable highlight of the event was an engaging fireside chat featuring esteemed members of the tech team, namely David Webber, Marlin Williams, Mack Hendricks, Stefan Sysko, Joshua Tooker, Sukhwindar Ajimal, and Dawn Batts. Through an informative Q&A session, they generously shared their invaluable insights and expertise on diverse topics related to the tech industry, including entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment, enriching the event with their knowledge and experience.

Dawn Batts, a leader in capital and strategy in the tech sector, contributed valuable information for participants to apply to their endeavors.

“Any funding you get is intended to help you get to revenue and to accelerate your growth. What I want entrepreneurs here in Tech Town to understand is we are trying to get to a pathway of revenue. We want you to understand milestones and then begin to align the funding with those milestones.” said Batts.

The event also served as an excellent platform for attendees to gain deeper insights into TechTown Detroit’s Tech-Based Programs. The team enthusiastically shared information about their diverse array of programs and resources, including the opportunity to schedule a Strategy Session with their esteemed Customer Discovery Specialists and Tech Entrepreneur-in-Residences. This allowed attendees to explore potential collaborations and seek needed guidance for their tech ventures, further highlighting the incredible resources available through TechTown Detroit.

Briaca Duestte, a Detroit based junior UI/UX Designer, said she is highly grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to what’s to come.

“Networking at Tech Town today was amazingly fulfilling. I am full off connecting. I really enjoyed the panel discussions. Everyone was extremely informative and welcoming of new talent. As a first year developer I’m hungry to create something that is inclusive and accessible for all. I’m driven, passionate and dedicated to anything I touch.”

The Tech Founder x Developer mixer proved to be a resounding success, offering a valuable platform for tech professionals to connect, learn, and grow. To explore further the programs and resources offered by TechTown Detroit, visit their website and schedule a Strategy Session with one of their esteemed Customer Discovery Specialists and Tech Entrepreneur-in-Residences.


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