Spring Fashion Trends Don’t Disappoint in Detroit 

Fashion is popping this spring and the Clout Apparel 313 is up on the latest trends with new lines of casual wear for both men and women. One of Clout Apparel 313’s best-sellers is their shirt (center) called “Signature Logo.” 

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Spring has sprung and fashions around the city — whether it’s loud and bright with bold style or subtle and monochromatic dripping in eloquent swag — we got your tips on the latest fashion trends. And we finally settle the debate on if you should match your outfits with your mask or not. Because what’s quarantine fashion without a little risk? 


“The most important thing you have is your image. As a creator, you have to find your voice, communicate it and then have ownership of that.” Black British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng once said those words that still ring true today when it comes to fashion, and can be applied to slaying fashionably anywhere in the world.  


And, according to Forbes, what’s hot in the world right now are corset-inspired pieces, outfits with cut-outs, less-constricting attire and checkerboard patterns. 


Locally, we couldn’t talk style without pulling in Michigan’s Style Guru Chuck Bennett. 

Bennett, sharp-tongued and witty fashion connoisseur, shared with The Michigan Chronicle that Detroiters are into what he calls “logomania,” where an outfit is decked out in designer logos, pretty much from head to toe. 


“People are showing off their designer logos — Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior — you see a lot of this now,” he said. “All the way to a Gucci cap — even the red bottom shoes … people are almost in a sense boasting about the designers that they are wearing. 


The expression “a little goes a long way” might not apply to this trend, Bennett said because wearing over-the-top logos on clothing and accessories might be just right for the wearer. 


“It depends on what you like right now — it’s become a very popular thing,” he said, adding that people are lined out the door at Somerset Mall stores to get their hands on these brands. 


Bennett also said be warned that if you see a face mask with those labels on them, they’re probably not the real thing.  


Speaking of face masks, Bennett (known for also being a man about town) said that he sometimes matches his stylish face masks while he is suited and booted on his way to a dinner party, but typically he wears the standard, blue surgical ones. 


“I think the people are kind of all over the place with face masks right now because I think we all desire for them to go away,” he said, adding that he’s lost some of his nicer ones, too. “I can’t keep up with those — I use the paper ones until they go away.”  


Bennett added that with it being a “sad and dreary” year during this pandemic, with spring here people don’t want to reflect any of that in their dress. 


“We want our clothing now to be bright and cheerful, colorful and comfortable,” he said, adding that during lockdown people got used to wearing jogging suits, T-Shirts and more while working from home. “We no longer had to get really dressed up so now what has happened, we became quite used to this comfortable way of dressing.” 


Bennett said that companies are following suit (pun intended) and making more comfortable business suits and other clothing options as people are returning to work.  


Suits for men are now being worn with button-up shirts underneath or T-Shirts. 

Also gone are the skinny jeans, slim suits for men and tight clothes overall. Millennials, I know this one hurts — say goodbye to the side hair parting, too, TikTok teens have said. 


What’s in? Bennett says patterns, stripes, polka dots and flowers. 


Whatever you wear, he’s got a word to the wise: “Make sure your clothes fit,” he said. 


Brian McArn, the owner of Livonia-based Clout Apparel 313, said that his store opened up in February at the Laurel Park Place Mall, and their men’s, women’s (and upcoming children’s) lines have T-Shirts, caps, sweatshirts, hoodies and other casual wear.  


McArn, who had his brand since October 2016 selling clothes out the back of his vehicle, said that he just came out with a new spring line of bold colors, new designs and vibrant fits for all. 


“Color has something to do with your mood,” he said, adding that wearing the vibrant colors like purple, yellow, red, pink and teal can make all the difference in your day. 

McArn added that a lot of people come in to match their shoes with T-Shirts. 

A couple of their top sellers are T-Shirts with one called “Signature Logo.” 


“We also have tracksuits that do well,” he said, adding that a crisp outfit could be a nice cap and nice tee on and off the job. “In the workplace, you don’t have to be suited up.” 


He also said that he’s seeing a lot of merging brands in the city with a lot of good people who are thirsty and putting in the work in the fashion industry to make sure their customers stay looking fly. 


McArn wants to grow his empire while making people look good along the way, and said that he has a little ways to go. 


“We’re not there yet — I’m not going to be comfortable until I go nationwide and be next FUBU or Phat Farm.” 


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