Social media diversity is scarce, but app developer Darren Walker has a solution

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Do any of these names look familiar? Some may be odd choices, but these are the top 10 social media networks in the world, by users. It’s no surprise that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are in the top 5 percentile. After all, these apps are used to find out everything, whether it pertains to politics or a foreign country where one of your dear friends is headed to. Can you take a wild guess at the nationality of ownership at these companies? For the sake of research, they are all non-minority owned companies. The statistics of ownership in tech amongst minorities are even more surprising.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, compared to overall private industry, the high tech sector employed a larger share of whites (63.5 percent to 68.5 percent), Asian Americans (5.8 percent to 14 percent) and men (52 percent to 64 percent), and a smaller share of African Americans (14.4 percent to 7.4 percent), Hispanics (13.9 percent to 8 percent), and women (48 percent to 36 percent).

These numbers are staggering, which brings the point of diversity and inclusion full circle within tech. This is one of the reasons why entrepreneur Darren Walker created the social media network Bean (Building Economic Advancement Networks)One of the main points of Bean’s mission is to bring forth greater diversity and encourage ownership within minority communities in the tech arena. “It’s not enough to just exist as a subgroup on various social media platforms,” Darren said. “We have to have ownership. It’s a must. The time has come for us as a community to own our narrative completely so that we alone can control our story, our destiny, and our financial futures.” There is room for everyone to eat at the table of opportunity so let’s do our part in supporting the growth of Bean.

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