Trayvon Martin Song Wonders Who Teen Could Have Been

For Trayvon Song Gina Loring

While some are undoubtedly on to the next news items since shooter George
was found not guilty[1] of murdering teen Trayvon Martin this summer, there still remains many in this country who haven’t been able to “move on.” Los Angeles-based singer Gina Loring clearly falls in to the latter group, with her new song, “For Trayvon Martin,” where she wonders what the world would have missed if your life had ended at 17.

In a five-minute video, Loring passionately sings:

You were somebody’s baby,
You were somebody’s child,
Now you are my angel watching from the sky

The video then shows photos of celebrities, Moms, Dads, artists, religious leaders, and more at the age of 17 and then shows another photo of what they look like now to underscore what accomplishments can be achieved when we aren’t cut down in our youth.

Actress Marla Gibbs of “The Jeffersons”, TV host Shaun Robinson of “Access Hollywood,” and musician and MC Kelvin “Pos” Mercer of De La Soul are just some of the faces displayed as Loring sings:

Who knows the man you would have become.
Who knows the things that you would have done.
Will never know what you could do.
Can’t get back, can’t get back what was stolen from you.

They say be afraid of night
Well I’m more afraid of men who don’t know wrong from right.

The video ends with the following statement:

“We come together in solidarity, compassion and peaceful protest to speak up against injustice… We remember you, we honor you, and we vow to use our lives for the betterment of humanity so that your death was not in vain.”

Loring then encourages viewers to become a part of the movement by sending in their first and last name, two photos, as well as who they are in the world today to

The song can be purchased for 99 cents at[3]. All of the video proceeds will reportedly go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation[4].

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