Sick! Tyga expresses love for underaged Kylie Jenner

kylie and tyga
Rumors are gushing through cyberspace that 25-year-old rapper Tyga is ready to go public with his relationship with underaged lover Kylie Jenner, stepsister of Kim Kardashian, and eventually get married.
In fact, Tyga took his sentiments to his social media page in expressing his love for Jenner, 17,

The California rapper recently posted the below photo of the reality star in London with a lovey-dovey caption; “Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.”



This but all confirms the strong suspicion that Tyga and Jenner took their illicit relationship overseas last year to conjugate with one another. In Europe, the legal age to have sex with a minor is 16.

What do you think of Tyga’s expression of love to Jenner?

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