REVOLT CEO Detavio Samuels on AI Being a Disrupter in Media Industry

“I believe the technology sector is the modern day gold rush,” said Detavio Samuels, CEO of REVOLT. “It is the biggest creator of generational wealth over the last century.

Samuels leads REVOLT Media & TV, which was founded by Sean “Puffy/P. Diddy” Combs in 2012 and has since become America’s fastest-growing Black-owned media company.

Speaking in front of thousands of attendees during Black Tech Week, Samuels spoke passionately about the importance of Black people getting in the tech industry to not just to be a part of the advancements, but also to lead the next evolution in tech.

“It is mission critical that we not only have a role in participation, but that we also have a role in ownership, and that we are also helping to design the future of what this technology is, whether it’s Web 3, AI … all of those things are going to (make an) impact and we need to be at the front and center of deciding what those industries look like,” he said in an exclusive interview with Real Times Media.

As the advancement of artificial intelligence has changed the TV industry — just as social media and streaming platforms have become an integral part of the media business — Samuels believes AI is here to stay and and impact the both the media business and how viewers consume it.

“I believe AI will have a profound impact on all industries, specifically the creative industry. And I think for all of us, the best move is not to figure out how to stop AI from coming — it’s already here — but to figure out how do we leverage AI to become better versions of ourselves.”

Samuels also spoke about the shortcoming of advertisers’ commitments to Black media and more in a full interview, below:

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