RAWS and DABO partner for suicide prevention training event

RAWS Organization (Raising Awareness With Students) and DABO (Detroit Association of Black Organizations) are partnering to raise awareness regarding suicide. Both organizations will host “Stop Suicide,” a free suicide training event at the DABO center. Parents, children, and community representatives are encouraged to come out and learn ways to prevent suicide. 

“A lot of families have been affected by suicide or suicide attempts,” said Kady Cox, founder of RAWS. “It’s imperative that we take the necessary steps to identify early warning signs, triggers, and languages, and that is the goal of this free 1-hour training hosted by the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority. We are hoping with the help of my non-profit, we can get a good turnout for young people so we can bridge that gap in education, training, and awareness.”

January is Mental Wellness Month. Here are nine ways you can improve your mental health from Psychology Today:

  1. Tell yourself something positive. 
  2. Write down something you are grateful for. 
  3. Focus on one thing (in the moment).  
  4. Exercise.  
  5. Eat a good meal. 
  6. Open up to someone.
  7. Do something for someone else. 
  8. Take a break.
  9. Go to bed on time. 

For more information, visit RAWS website

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