Rappers we are done with

Society gives artists a certain amount of lee-way for creative expression. We understand and accept the eccentric behavior, strange metaphors and abnormal clothing. We accept that creative genius does not always fall under the umbrella of “society standards”, but has the ability transform what society considers normal. With that being said, there are a few rappers who “once upon a time” were visionaries or at the very least skilled lyricists, but have now gotten reckless with their lyrics and their actions. They seemed to have forgotten that their words reach millions and have the ability to affect the mindset of their fans, particularly their young ones. They have become an embarrassment to rap, hip hop and African Americans by making a mockery of serious social issues. With one stroke of their pen—one uttered rhyme, these rappers have the ability to set us back a hundred years—all in the name of shock value and record sales.


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